Jim Roger's Take on America's Economy
I got the rare opportunity to sit down with the famous investor and author in his home in Singapore. We talked family, money, government, economy, and
what it all means for you and your loved ones.
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So, who am I?
My name is Michelle Liberman. I'm your typical American citizen. I'm first generation, born of immigrants (legal, by the way). I am deeply concerned for America, and my family, because of the U.S.'s growing loss of freedoms and prosperity.

How to recognize what is truth in the ocean of information out there?
I want to help you and other Americans (even non-Americans) detect Truth or BS when governments or media tell you something. I once believed in liberal policies, until deeper research revealed they were unrealistic and needed immoral actions to try to achieve them.

When you really understand what is happening in your reality, you can make better decisions for you and your loved ones. I have studied American and world history, economics, monetary policies, governments, natural rights, Christianity, and moral truths extensively.

I want you to learn useful, practical money and economic wisdom with my videos, articles, blogs, products, and programs by me and legendary leaders in the industry. LIKE JIM ROGERS. I am grateful to have been mentored by intellectual giants. Hang with me and you'll get to share in their brilliance too.

Life is hard and complicated enough without institutions that we think we trust trying to Photoshop their mistakes and make themselves look good.

Damaging laws and monetary policies have caused bubbles, crashes, wiped out savings and investments, devalued our money, lowered our standard of living, and diminished our rights and liberties. Jim Rogers is one of the few who publicly teach and inform people of some of these truths.


There are real economic and money truths that mainstream media and the government want to pretend don't exist. Why?

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